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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x13 Dead Things

*All4Spike- No Such Thing as Coincidences (post episode, S/B/A near end)
BloodEnvy- Maybe Something Stuck...
ClawofCat- The Heart of Her (sometime post episode)
ClawofCat- Show Me How (sequel to The Heart of Her)
*+DarkApple- Imitation of a Man (time travel to a parallel 1880, DNF)
*Enigmaticblue- Cast Me Not Away (post episode, babyfic Buffy/OCs & Spike/OC once )
His_luv_pet- Nescience and Penumbra
*Kimberly- Sunlight and Shadow
Mahaliem- Easing the Pain (post episode)
*Maryperk- Once Upon A Time (post episode)
Megan- Dusting The Rugs
*Pattyanne- Tell Me You Love Me (post episode estimate)
PennyDrdful- Washed Away (post episode)
*Pfeifferpack- Ring of Fire
RipeWickedPlum- Dedication (post episode)
Soul of the Rose- Spuffy in 3 Acts (vignettes that start here)
*Trisha- Slip of Mind (Post Dead Things)
*Trisha- Slip of Nature (sequel to Slip of Mind)