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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x12 Doublemeat Palace

*Brynn McK- Happiest Place on Earth (post episode)
Dorians Kitten- How Spike Got a Date For Valentines Day (post episode estimate)
*Eurydice- The Beckoning of a Spanish Moon (sometime post episode)
*Ginny (or Ginmar)- Affinity (post episode)
*+Lilachigh- We Will Remember Them (post episode estimate, time travel to 1943)
Lindsay- Double Meat Palace (Spikebot/Spike/Buffy)
Lindsay- Restfield (sequel to Double Meat Palace)
Maryperk- Fesser (post episode)
*Rabid1st- But Not Forgotten
Shakes- I Will Fall for You... (post episode)
Slaymesoftly- God Bless St. Valentine (sometime post episode)
Spikes_heart- A Game of Chance
*♥Spikeskat- Drawn By Their Heart’s Passion