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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x07 Once More, With Feeling

Always_jbj- 76 Bloody Trombones (immediately post episode)
*Amanda Rex- Scenes from a Revelation [Then I'll Be Done & The Beast]
*+♥Anne Rose- Spike and Buffy, Lost in Cyber-Space (post episode, Willow hacks into our world's internet)
*+♥Ariel Dawn- Second Youth (time travel Buffy from 2103 to a day post episode b/c of spell)
Athenewolfe- Me and a Gun (post episode, Vamp!Buffy eventually)
*♥Athenewolfe & Tasha- Twists of Fate (sequel to Me and a Gun, Vamp!Buffy: INCOMPLETE)
Constance- Sweet Dreams (sometime post episode)
*DarkDreamluver [Jeni]- Ties That Bind (post episode, Angel dies Spuffy get baby Connor tad AU INCOMPLETE)
*Eowyn315- The Fire Within
*♥GoldenAmethyst- Through a Mother's Eyes (post episode)
Guardian Angel- And The Walls Came Crumbling Down (post episode)
*LuckyStarz- A Revealing Dream (sometime post episode, AU brief character death)
*Niamh- Great Balls of Fire (INCOMPLETE)
PaganBaby- Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Me *Spuffy Style* (post episode)
Pfeifferpack- With A Song In Her Heart
♥Puddinhead- Once More With Twilight (crackfic, Crossover: Twilight)
*+Selfish Beauty- Secrets and Lies (post NFA, Giles goes back to just at the end of episode)
*Spikes_heart- Innocence Found (post episode, Kid!Spike, Kid!Buffy)- No Dawn
*Spikes_heart- Reclamation (sequel to Innocence Found)- No Dawn
*Xionin- Carefully to Tread