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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x10 Wrecked

Abby- Hearts Distant (short glimpses through relationship starts sometime post episode)
*AmyB- Staring At Your Window (immediately post episode)
*Areanna Whitewolf- The Shadows that Keep You Safe (babyfic, seriously AU)
CleverlyControversial- A Fevered Dream (post episode)
*+Darcy- Love Remembered (post episode, time travel via spell Jack the Ripper comes to Sunnydale and then goes back with Buffy accidentally in tow)
*+♥Dreamweaver- Payback (time travel courtesy of demon from immediately post Lovers Walk to here and back)
*Evenstar- No Rest (post episode, CROSSOVER: The Crow)
*Heather Sinclair- Switched (post episode, Spuffy body switch)
*Heather Sinclair- Switched Again (sequel to Switched, a month later Spuffy body switch)
♥JackofSpikes- A Letter Can Say So Much
Jake- A Piece of Golden Advice (CROSSOVER w/Golden Girls, post episode estimate)
*+♥Kantayra- Double Spiked (sometime post episode, with season 2 Spike too)
*KelleBelle1981- Sweet William (bipolor kind of OOC)
*+Lisa_dec- Nothing Like Dreaming (post series, Willow gives Buffy a day into this episode)
*Little-Bit- Dust Becomes Him (crack!fic, sometime post episode-ish)
*Mary Anne Gruen- The Journey (post episode)
Maryperk- Spike's Twelve Slayer Gifts of Christmas (post episode- Christmas)
*Meltha- Home for the Holidays (Post episode- Christmas fic)
*♥Miranda- 9 Lives (post episode, Spike/Buffy/Tara)
*Miranda- Choosing Fire (post episode)
Perverted Pages- Stolen Caress (post episode, estimate)
*Pfeifferpack- A Little Bit Of Heaven (post episode- Christmas fic)
PrettyPoppy- Christmases Past (post episode)
*Sarah Aless- Who's Afraid? (post episode)
*SinisterChic- Identity Crisis (sometime post episode, 3 Spikes)
♥Spikeskat- The Bet (sometime post episode)
Spikeskat- Cold Shoulder (post episode)
Spikeskat- Dr. Spike (post episode)
Spikeskat- Love is Blood (sometime post episode)
Spikeskat- M.I.N.E. (sometime post episode)
Spikeskat- Sweet Kiss (drabble sometime post episode)
Spikeskat- Wanna Ride? (sometime post episode)
Spike Speigel- Whispers and Remembrances (post episode)
SpuffyLovingJess- Reigning Emotions (post episode estimate)
*Starlight_Slayer- A Very Buffy Christmas Carol (post episode)
*Sotia- Help Yourself in Seven Days (sometime post episode)
TammyDevil666- All I Want for Christmas (Events in episode don't occur- Christmas fic)
Vampire_Wiccian- Repaired
*Ya_lublyu_tebya- Smashed and Remade