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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x09 Smashed

Alexandra Lyman- A Stylish, Yet Affordable Buffy Fanfic (lol fic post episode)
Athenwolfe- Phone Calls (post episode estimate very AU, drabble)
♥Caro- She's Having My Baby (sometime post episode, babyfic- technically pregnantfic)
Chelle- Me and My Shadow (sometime post episode AU drabble)
*Evenstar- Daylight (post episode, Human!Spike)
Ginmar- Dreaming of Oceans (post episode)
Hils- The Secret Ingredient (ficlet, post episode estimate AU)
*JanDavitt- The Demon Trilogy (sometime post episode, goes AU after Spike learns the chip doesn't work on Buffy)
*♥Karen- Here We Come to Save the Day (somtime post episode very AU, mostly Connor/Dawn centric)
Maryperk- Scenes Without a Story 10 s6 Drabble (sometime post episode)
Maryperk- Untitled Plot Bunny (post episode estimate)
*+Pfeifferpack- Hero's Reward (time travel from post series)
*Scarlet Ibis- Impact
Shaddyr- Thirsty (PWP, post episode estimate maybe?)
Soul of the Rose- Learning Curve (post episode)
*VamptasticA- Willow's Dare (episode estimate AU, OOC)
Yutamiyu- Recalibration (Post-Smashed)