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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x06 All the Way

*BloodEnvy- Trick or Treat?! (AU, Buffy didn't die?)
Elanor- It's the Great Slayer, Buffy Summers (very AU, Halloween but not episode)
Gemma- Summer Holidays (episode estimate AU)
*Greyangel- Bite Me. Stake Me. Do Me: see folder
*Holly- Rough and Tumble
*+♥ImmortallySpuffy- Sands of Burning Time (end of episode portal dimension hops, CROSSOVER: The Mummy 1999 & first Xmen INCOMPLETE)
*Kantayra- Fevered (episode estimate)
*Maryperk- Death and Love (post episode)
*♥Maryperk- Kissin' Cousins (post episode, INCOMPLETE WIP7)
*Maryperk- The Swap (post episode estimate, WIP4)
Operavampirate- A Pirates Life for Me
PassionFish- Learning to Live Again (post episode)
PennyDrdful- The First Christmas Without Her (post episode though it's Christmas)
PrettyPoppy- Goldilocks (3 days before episode)
Sabershadowkat- My Ding-A-Ling Vampire (post episode)
*Scarlet Ibis- All the Way and Then Some
*Shakes- Clem the Matchmaker (Alternate reality mostly)
*Spike_Spetslayer- The Offerings Trilogy
*+Verity Watson- Instant Sun (post episode, dimension hop to a deserted island, Spike is human there)