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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x08 Tabula Rasa

Annapurna- Dear Randy (spell doesn't end)
Ashlee- Stay With Me
BloodyTearsofLife- Tub Time (post episode estimate?)
*Bored-now0809- Tabula Rasa Extended
*DragonKatGal- Tabula Rasa 
*Holly- A Love Like Ours (immediately post episode)
*+♥JackOfSpikes- Paradox (post episode, time travel to School Hard)
*♥Kallysten and Kantayra- Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum (AU, memories never returned)
*Lucky-112- Almost Happy
Megan- Divine Epiphanies
MommaNerd- Stay Away from Randy!
*Perletwo- AmnesiaVerse (INCOMPLETE)
*Princess Cashew- After Effects (spell didn't end for 967 days, babyfic)
*RipeWickedPlum- Wizard Glass (end of episode)
*Schehrezade- Regrets...I Had a Few (no memory spell)
Shadowlass- A Very Joan and Randy Christmas (post episode, spell still in effect)
*SinisterChic- Cleared Path (Human!Spike, babyfic)
*♥Slaymesoftly- Memories Are Made of This (spell doesn't end right away)
Speaker2customers- I Won't Remember You (drabble)
*+Spike_spetslayer- What a Girl Wants (time travel from Chosen, INCOMPLETE)
Spikes_heart- No Good Turn (character death)
Spikeskat- Death Wish (sometime post episode)
+Spikeskat- The Quintessence of Love (sequel to Death Wish, wish back to The Gift)
*+Spikeskat- Past Perfect (from 4 months post series to right after spell and back again)
♥Steph- Randy + Joan 4-Ever
*♥Thinny- To Live or Die (technically post episode, but a tad AU with no badness and mostly Giles POV)
*Ya-lublyu-tebya- Wiping the Slate Clean
*Yumimum- In Death, Love Prevails (starts at end of episode)
*Yumimum- Courage Under Fire (sequel to In Death, Love Prevails)
Yzba- Table Rase
*Zarrah- Little Buffy