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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x05 Life Serial

*Addie Logan-Just a Teenage Crush (post episode)
*+♥Always_jbj- A Grain of Sand (post episode, lots of dimension travel to alternates and even NFA)
*Ariel Dawn & BloodTearsofLife- Always Invited In (post episode)
*+♥BittenandStaked- 1880 (post episode estimate, travels to 1880 via amulet and back)
*Chelle- Heaven's On Fire (post episode)
*♥Larilyn- Slaindeer Games (morning post episode)
*Lu82- Try on My World (Vamp!Buffy, DNF)
*+Marcee and Estepheia- Things Present, Things Past (kinda time travel to 1880)
Megan- The Shadow on Your Side (post episode, estimate)
Shadowlass- Case Notes on Summers, Buffy
Spikeskat- Bungled Attempts
*Terri Botta- Fixing It
*Tiana- Life Serial Revisited
*Xaphania- Pieces of Me (Imaginary friend McNabb)
*Ya_lublyu_tebya- Flood Of Emotion