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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x02 Bargaining, Part II

*BuffyXenaDQFan- After the Fall (INCOMPLETE)
*Dampersandspoons- So That's What This Is
*♥Demonica Mills- The Consequences of Re-animation (AU)
♥Holly- Noel (post episode estimate December, sequel to Nightingale)
*+♥JackOfSpikes- The Time Of the Guardians (Buffy comes back 3 years from the future when Red does her spell)
Julbie- Recognition (Buffy has amnesia)
*♥Kari Mouke- Misfits (Dawn died too somehow and Spike went to Angel not Buffy after chip): see folder
*Miranda- Glimmerings, G2, G3 (post episode)
*+SinisterChic- Replay (time travel for Buffy and Dawn courtesy of Dawn from post Angel series)
Slinkypschokit- Monkey's Revenge (sequel to Monkey See, Monkey Hide)
Yutamiyu- Of Love, Balloons, and Birthday Cake (Post-Bargaining)