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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x03 After Life

*Amanda K [aka Scribblesinink]- Vertigo (post episode estimate AU, Vamp!Buffy)
*Aphasia- Treading Water (post episode)
Ashlee- For Everything (post episode estimate)
♥Bloodshedbaby- Karma Chameleon
*♥Dreamweaver- Awakenings
Enigmaticblue- Nightmares (prologue to Cast Me Not Away series, so sorta flashback to post episode)
*Eowyn_315- The Hardest Thing in the World
*HW- Chancing Folly (alternate dimension, kinda)
*♥Isabel- Aloha My Love (sometime post episode)
JackOfSpikes- One Love, One Soul
Jeni- Primal Slayer (sorta Vamp!Buffy)
*♥Maryperk- Broken Betrayal (with flashbacks to what really happened in s2 Halloween)
Maryperk- Heaven
NautiBitz- Come Alive
*PassionFish- Bedtime for Buffy
*PassionFish- Out of Body Experience (post episode estimate Spuffy body switch, INCOMPLETE)
Sabershadowkat- Just Live (post episode)
SlayrGrl- Unconditioned
Squid- So She Dances
*Suzee- All the Fun (of the Fair)
*Sweetie- All in a Whisper (post episode, SUCKS! Spike dies)
Verity- A Shadow Flits Before Me
VicNoir- What the Pumpkin Saw
*WeyrWolfen- In League with Serpents
*♥WeyrWolfen- Feathers and Forked Tongues (sequel to In League with Serpents)
Xaphania- And Round Again
Yutamiyu- One Hundred Percent Pure