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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5x22 The Gift

♥Addie Logan- And Then She Knew
*+Aisling_Siobhan- Long Way Home (dimension travel back to Prophecy Girl, INCOMPLETE)
*Ashlee- Remember When (nearly 17 years post episode)
Aurelio Zen- The Dark Wood (post episode)
*BittenAndStaked- City of Angels (post episode AU, Buffy didn't die and Spike is living with them)
*BittenandStaked- War and Peace (AU post episode, Buffy didn't die- a bit OOC, DNF)
Cody Nelson- In the Realm of Death (Sandman Crossover)
Cody Nelson- Moonrise (post episode)
Cousinjean- Finale
*+♥Cousinjean- Future Imperfect (time travel for Buffy to year 2336 and eventually back to fix things)
Cynicalromantic- The Trusted Friend (post episode)
*Demonica Mills- Longer, Then Forever
*+♥Dreamweaver- His Girl (dimension travel through Glory's portal)
*Eep- Starting Over (post episode, 5 months later)
*♥Emmee- Guardians of the Median (post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*Gillian Silverlight- Balancing the Scales (first in Slayer Series)
*Gillian Silverlight- Twisted Fate (interlude in Slayer Series NOT Spuffy, Cangel and L/F)
*Gillian Silverlight- One, Two, Three Times a Slayer (final chapter in Slayer Series)
*+♥Hang Nga- Spiked Beginnings (post episode then back to episode Angel in first season via wish)
Hils- Spikey Wonka and The Bloody Factory (post episode where everyone survives, CROSSOVER: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
*holetoledo- Wonderment (WIP, Babyfic)
*Jeni- The Gift (Dawn dies instead, Babyfic)
*Jericho- When Eternity Lies in the Balance
JodithGrace- The Lark (3 months post episode)
*♥Kantayra- Twenty-One (post episode, Joyce and Buffy didn't die AU babyfic)
*Kari Mouke- A Rose By Any Other Name- AU
Larilyn- Shattered (AU post episode, Dawn died)
*+♥Lindsay- There's a Land That I Heard of, Once in a Lullaby (Buffy goes to different dimensions after she jumps)
*Love's Bitch- Perchance to Dream (post episode)
*Madrog- Future Written in Blood
*Maryperk- Cold Revenge (Spike never returned to Sunnydale. Set several years post episode) [Vamp!Buffy]
*♥Maryperk- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Faith was called first & Buffy was called second yet no one knew, post episode)
*♥Mefiant- Something Furry This Way Comes (post episode, Buffy didn't die, Cat!Spike)
*+♥Niamh- Origins (22 days post episode, slight time travel with new characters from future)
♥Niamh- Origins: Bridge (epilogue to Origins)
*+♥Niamh- Origins: Revelations (sequel to Origins, 3 weeks later. Bit of time travel from future)
*+Niamh- Destinies (Future fic [2016?]/ time travel: Kristin during and post all Originverse)
Niamh- All I Want Is You (Christmas interlude during Origins:  Revelations)
Niamh- Family (set in Originsverse between end of Revelations and beginning of Resolutions)
Niamh- God Only Knows (set in Originsverse between Revelations and Resolutions, dreams of real s6-post series)
*♥Niamh- Origins: Resolutions (last book in the Originverse)
PennyDrdful- When She Kept Showing Up (post episode)
*Pfeifferpack- Love's Gift
*+Pfeifferpack- They That Mourn (post episode during summer, flashbacks starting in 1861 to Spike's 'death')
*Rabid1st- Cuore Della Notte: The Heart of the Night (2 years post episode AU)
Richess SpikeLover- Memories Are Made of This (post episode)
*RipeWickedPlum- Bound (directly post episode, funeral, etc.)
*Shoshanna- Bound By Destiny (babyfic)
+Shoshanna- Get It Right This Time (time travel from four months post episode to episode and back)
+Shoshanna- Lost Time (semi-sequel to the time travel story Get it Right This Time)
*+Slaymesoftly- If That's What it Takes (AU, Buffy didn't die took vacation. Sometime s6 portal travel to another world where Spuffy are human and back, babyfic)
Slinkypschokit- Monkey See, Monkey Hide (AU, Buffy was in hell, no Dawn, post episode)
*+Spikelicious- Family Ties (post episode, a Buffy is deposited through portal in front of Spike a la Angel from hell)
Spikeskat- Death Is My Gift
+Spikeskat- The Quintessence of Love (sequel to Death Wish, wish from post Tabula Rasa)
*Terri Botta- Promise to a Lady (directly post episode)
*+Trisha- Afterwards (after jumping Buffy is returned 20 years later, Vamp!Giles then goes back)
*Valerie- A Measure of Happiness (4 months post episode)
*+♥WendyJane- In the Mind (dimension travel from jump to post Prophecy Girl, AU world)
*Winter- Summers Requiem
Winter- The Runaway
Wolfen Moondaughter- Love is in EVOLution (prequel to Spike and Cerberus, AU)
Wolfen Moondaughter- The Touch (prequel to Spike and Cerberus, AU)
Wolfen Moondaughter- The Spike and Cerberus Series (Vamp!Dog, post episode and prequels)