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Sunday, September 5, 2010

4x07 The Initiative

Bloodshedbaby- Double Order of Toast
*Flibble- Overcome (AU episode estimate, no Parker, no Amara ring, dating Riley at first)
*♥Kari Mouke- Bent (seriously AU, episode estimate, Vamp!Buffy) [B/S/A(us)]: see folder
*♥Kari Mouke- Bloodying It Up (set future post s5 very AU, Dawn died on tower, Maggie killed Giles, Dru was captured too etc) [sorta Vamp!Buffy]: see folder
Maryperk- Kept Slayer (Spike never came back and the Initiative turned Buffy- 3 years later) [Vamp!Buffy]
*Rebcake- Defenseless
*+Redwulf50- Time Tossed (time travel characters from post series to right at escape, no chip)
*♥Slaymesoftly- Promises Kept (sequel to Her Last Request, AU post episode estimate)