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Sunday, September 5, 2010

4x09 Something Blue

*3988Akasha- Something Old, Something New (INCOMPLETE)
* _3xy_- Something Borrowed
Abby- Bake Me a Bloody Cake (post episode)
♥A.Lite- I Wish I Were Dead/Something New (post episode spell didn't end, Babyfic)
Always_jbj- Captive Pleasures (semi-sequel to Touch for Your Lust)
*+Angelic_Amy- A Mother Knows Best (post episode, visions and allusions to future events)
Ariel Dawn- A Visit to the Loo (3 days post episode)
*Arina Summer- Something Blue, Did You Know I Love You?
Ashlee- Pumping Away
Ashlee- Somethings
Astarea- Something True
*Azrielle- Lust (OOC)
*+Azrielle- Regrets (time travel from immediately post Chosen but no memories?, INCOMPLETE)
*BittenandStaked- Blue
*BittenandStaked- Sweet Surrender
*Crackers4Jenn- Touch for Your Lust (post episode)
Debris4Spike- Blondes Have More Fun... Or They Plan To!
Enchanted Ivy- I Might Lend a Hand (drabble)
*Eowyn315- Silence Speaks
*+♥Eurydice- Rhapsody in Oil (post episode, dimension travel through painting to 1940-ish world)
*FacingtheSun- Rebel Prince (a tad AU, INCOMPLETE?)
*Holly- Blood and Mistletoe (post episode)
*♥JackOfSpikes- When a Slayer Cries (Human!William with a dying Spike demon)
♥Jeni- Spellbound (Vamp!Buffy, post episode estimate- Halloween)
*Jeni- Something Old, Something New (Babyfic)
*♥Jerzeyanjel- Cookie Crumbs and Sippy Cups (post episode, Oz didn't leave & Baby!fic)
*♥Kari Mouke- Keeping Him
*katelyn_d_89- Something Unexpected (INCOMPLETE)
Kojiro1- Vengeance is a Dish Best Served Extra Flamey
Lazuli- How Spike Got Untied (post episode drabble)
*♥Lenore- Something Blue-ish
*+Lilachigh- With This Ring... (post episode, marriage part of spell didn't end. Spuffy goes to an alternate Sunnydale)
Lisa Drexel- Desires Realized (post episode)
Lisa Drexel- You Can Run... (sometime post episode)
♥Maryperk- Abracadabra (a week post episode)
*Maryperk- Bending to Her Will (a day post episode)
Maryperk- Lilah's Will (sequel to Bending to Her Will)
Maryperk- Stolen Will (sequel to Lilah's Will)
Maryperk- Pylea Will (interlude to Stolen Will)
Maryperk- Rage and Will (sequel to Stolen Will, with flashbacks to s3)
Maryperk- Bending Want (sequel to Lilah's Will?)
*♥+Maryperk- No Place Like Home (time travel from Chosen, part of the Immortal Guardian series)
Maryperk- Scenes Without a Story 5 (post episode, drabble)
*♥Megan- A Road Less Traveled
*Megan- Only Sometimes Blue (post episode)
*Megan- Show Me Something Blue
*Mr. Monkeybottoms- Spike Lips! Lips of Spike!
Mrs Muir- My Baby's Daddy (post episode, parody fic)
Nautibitz- Sleeptalking (post episode, a few days before Hush)
*Nautibitz- Under the Influence (post episode)
*+♥Nightmelody- Fueled Enchantment (post episode, dimension travels for other Spikes and Buffys including TV versions)
*♥PassionFish- Something Blue? (INCOMPLETE)
Pfeifferpack- Acceptable Substitute (bad fic)
Sandy S- Around the Back Way (post episode)
Shadowlass- Swerve
ShapingLight- Marriage of Convenience
*SkySayzRawr- Something Old, Something New
*Slaymesoftly- Aftermath
♥Slaymesoftly- Bewitched, Bothered, and....
*Slaymesoftly- Double Bubble, Toil and...
*Slaymesoftly- Initiative Dreams (1 month post episode, AU)
*♥Slaymesoftly- It's All About the Blood (post episode)
*♥Slaymesoftly- Just a Little Spell
*Slaymesoftly- Roller Coaster of Love (sometime post episode)
Slaymesoftly- Something Bluer
Soul of the Rose- Strange Attraction (post episode)
*Spikes Bint- Strange Bed Fellows
SpikesKat- Conflicted
SpikesKat- Forbidden Fruit (post episode)
SpikesKat- Tell-tale Heart (sequel to Forbidden Fruit)
*Spikeslovebite- Shades of Something Blue (Slayer!Spike & Vamp!Buffy)
Spikeslovebite- Taste of Spike
Spikeslovebite- Triple XXX (post episode)
*Spufette- Dance of the Mates (AU OOC, post episode DNF)
TammyDevil666- Not Just a Spell
*TammyDevil666- The Consequences of Magic (Post episode)
*Tiana- Five Servings a Day (a week post episode)
*Tista- Art, Inspiration, Lust (sometime post episode, OOC)
*Ultrawoman- Spellbound
*Ultrawoman- So Mote It Be (different spell, Kid!Spike, Kid!Buffy)
Vampgirly- Hold On My Heart (Post Something Blue- Valentine's Day)
Vampirische Liebe- More Than She Bargained For (Post-Something Blue)
Vampirische Liebe- Mark of the Mate (sequel to More Than She Bargained For)
*WeyrWolfen- Cycle of Rebirths (Post Something Blue- aka The Slayer and The Samurai)
WeyrWolfen- Wash Cycle (Pseudo-sequel to Cycle of Rebirths- Chloe POV)
*Ya-lublyu-tebya- Connection (post episode)
*Ya-lublyu-tebya- School of Seduction (post episode)
*Yumimum- Staking a Claim (Post-Something Blue)