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Sunday, September 5, 2010

4x08 Pangs

*♥Angelinasway- Memory Failure (post episode, INCOMPLETE)
Ashlee- Taste of Power
*♥Dreamweaver- Something New (directly post episode)
*+♥Dreamweaver- Something Redux (time travel from a year post Chosen to episode)
JackOfSpikes- Thanksgiving (AU)
*Jeni- Sanctuary (AU)
Jerzeyanjel- Pangs (fluffy fic, AU)
♥Kantayra- A New Beginning (later that night post episode)
*♥Kari Mouke- Catching Flies (starts that night post episode, Babyfic)
Maryperk- Show No Remorse
Mefnord- Slayer, Tomorrow (post episode)
MommaYoga- Open Wide
Nautibitz- Just a Taste (immediately post episode)
HesADevil- Recurring Nightmare (drabble)
*Slaymesoftly- Out of the Blue
Spikeslovebite- In My Dreams (post episode)
Tiana-A Little Help
Trisha- Sophos, Dreaming