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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5x02 Real Me

*Dee Bradfield- Shades of Grey (AU, episode estimate, no Dawn)
*♥ImmortallySpuffy- Beloved Slayer (post episode, very AU- Spike never came to Sunnydale until now. Dru & Riley are no longer in the picture)
*PassionFish- Call of the Wild (Vamp!Buffy, no Glory, Tara, or Anya)
*Sangga- Black the Sun (AU)
*Sangga- To Make Much of Time (sequel to Black the Sun)
Sangga- Demons and Dharma (post episode?)
*Schehrezade- Whispers of a Dream...Screams of a Nightmare (AU)- [Sleeping Beauty Crossover]
*Speakr2customrs- I Am the Walrus (No Dawn)
*Ultrawoman- Childhood Trauma (episode estimate, Kid!Buffy, Kid!Scoobies sequel to So Mote it Be)
Verity- Night of St. Vigeous