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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5x01 Buffy vs. Dracula

*Chelle- The Written, Not Seen Series
*+Elizabeth Anne Summers [Blood Faerie]- Dark Destinies (Vamp!Buffy, Babyfic, teen Baby time travels INCOMPLETE)
*Holly- Needlework (Vamp!Buffy)
*+ImmortallySpuffy- Time Vortex (time travel from post series, five ways, five episodes starting here)
*Jeni- Anything to Save Her (a little OOC post episode, S/A, S/A/B/D)
*MadRog- Just a Fling (post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*Madrog- With a Little Help
Maryperk- Death by Easter Bunny (AU, everyone is happy except Angel. No Riley, Dawn, or Glory)
*♥Maryperk- Never Be the Same Again, Book 2 (sequel to Never Be the Same Again, WIP7)
*Pipergirl- Life's Like That (Baby!fic with no chipped Spike)
*Pipergirl- The English Patient (no Glory or Riley and pre-episode)
RipeWickedPlum- The Mummy (No Dracula or Riley, completely AU)
*Schehrezade- Dark Gift (Vamp!Buffy, 13DNF, INCOMPLETE)
*Slaymesoftly- The Bodyguard (AU, technically set somewhere in s4 but with Dracula)
SpikesDeb- I Just Can't Fight This Feeling Inside
SpikesDeb- Have to Have You (sequel to I Just Can't Fight This Feeling Inside)
*SpikesDeb- Monster in Her Man (sequel to Have to Have You)
*Spikes_Slayer08- Tricky Propositions (episode estimate AU, baby Dawn babyfic)
*Trinity [Megan, Holly, & Spikeslovebite]- Just a Girl (alternate s5)
*1OddDuck- Vice Versa (no Dawn)