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Sunday, September 5, 2010

7x22 Chosen

*Always_JBJ- A Fortune Told (directly post episode, eventual babyfic, sorta human!Spike)
*Amy- Aftermath (a bit post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*Annie Sewell Jennings- Nineteen Hours (Spike doesn't burn, Human!Spike)
*+Azrielle- I Remember You (post episode wonky spell travel to School Hard, INCOMPLETE)
*+Azrielle- Regrets (immediately post episode time travel to Something Blue, INCOMPLETE)
*Blood Faerie [Elizabeth Anne Summers]- An Interesting Twist (Buffy wears the amulet, babyfic INCOMPLETE)
*BuffyXenaDQFan- Drawn to the Fire (maybe a few hours post episode, babyfic)
*+♥Cousinjean- The Butterfly Effect (from 5 months post episode to post Lie to Me and back)
*♥Dreamweaver- Coming Back Wrong (post episode)
*♥Dreamweaver- Fated (187 days post episode, sometime after Rome ATS episode)
*♥Dreamweaver- Hide and Seek (post episode, Human!Spike/Vamp!Spike)
Enigmaticblue- Yesterday (almost immedietaly post episode)
*Enigmaticblue- Latter Days (sequel to Yesterday)
*+Europanya- Shards: A Series (post episode- Buffy's 40th birthday, INCOMPLETE)
*Evenstar- Devils & Angels (post episode AU, Spike didn't burn and Anya didn't die neither did Sunnydale DNF)
Evenstar- Three Come Blondes (post Chosen, S/B/William)
Evenstar- Three Come Blondes part deux (sequel to Three Come Blondes, S/B/William babyfic)
*Holly- The Other Side Of Midnight (post Chosen)
*♥Kari Mouke- A Not So Gorgeous Mistake (post episode, Human!Angel, Vamp!Dawn, Immortal!Buffy)
*Kindred- Detour (AU, post episode)
*Kyra Storm- Closure (1 year post Chosen)
LC Fenster- Aftermath (hours or so post episode, Human!Spike)
*+Lisa_dec- Nothing Like Dreaming (post episode, Willow gives Buffy a day into the past during Wrecked)
*♥+Maryperk- No Place Like Home (time travel to Something Blue, part of the Immortal Guardian series)
*+Maryperk- The Crystal Heart (an AU post series with dimension & time travel)
*+♥Maryperk- The Dimension Adventures (The Immortal Guardian series #5, sometime post A Whole in the World INCOMPLETE WIP24, dimension travel to other seasons, first stop: What's My Line)
+Maryperk- Untitled (Somewhere post Chosen, possibly post NFA , pre-Souled Angel circa 1895, Season 2, 4, 6, and 7)
Niamh- Dark Night of the Soul (14 days post episode)
Rebcake- With This Ring
Spike_Spetslayer- Betrayal is Easy (directly post episode)
*+Spike_spetslayer- What a Girl Wants (time travel to Tabula Rasa, INCOMPLETE)
*Spikelissa- If I'm Not in Love (post episode, babyfic)
*♥Spikeslovebite- With All My Heart (post Chosen, babyfic)
*Starshine-  Revenge, Revelations and Rapture (sequel to The Un-gettable Get, Babyfic sorta Slayer!Spike)
Sus- You Only Hurt the One You Love (1 year post episode)
Yumimum- A New Beginning (appears to be set in s2 but it's really Post-Chosen)