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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Angel Season 5/Post NFA

Abby- Anywhere (sometime post NFA drabble)
*Acajou Amarth- Your Heart's Desire (sometime after Damaged maybe AU?, slight CROSSOVER: Harry Potter) 
Addie Logan- ABC's of Fatherhood (unknown post series, sorta Human!Spike babyfic)
*Addie Logan- After the End Has Come and Gone (6 years post NFA)
*Addie Logan- Daylight (starts NFA battle, Human!Spike w/powers)
Addie Logan- More Than a Dream (post NFA)
Addie Logan- Newborn (post ATS NFA, babyfic)
*AmyB- Fear in a Handful of Dust (post ATS Origin, AU Time Bomb)
AmyB- Reclamation (post NFA, with flashback to NFA)
*Anaross- Unspoken (post NFA)
*+♥Angelinasway- Second Chances (post NFA, CROSSOVER: Twilight. Spuffy travel to Twilight world INCOMPLETE)
*♥Ariel Dawn- Ghostly Inhibitions (ATS first episode)
Ariel Dawn- Twenty Four Hours (post Angel finale)
*+Arina Summer- The Wisdom of Years (immediately post NFA, time travel back to Older and Far Away)
Ashlee- All is Forgiven (Ats coat bombing episode)
Ashlee- Fading Past (post series, babyfic Human!Spike)
Ashlee- Fight the Good Fight (directly post NFA)
AuthoressNebula- A Change in Scenery (post NFA)
*Benslilbug- Sapphire Haze (ATS battle)
*BiggerStaffBunch- For Good (post Damage, INCOMPLETE)
*BloodEnvy- If a Certain Slayer... (ATS, a few hours after Spike comes out of amulet)
*♥Bloodshedbaby- Damaged Goods (ATS Damaged, INCOMPLETE)
*♥Bojangles- Never Stay With Spuffy (4 years post NFA)
*Chelle- The Weight of Love (somewhat AU, sometime ATS s5)
*Chelle- The Weight of Forever (sequel to The Weight of Love)
♥Cingergal- The Widening Gyre (post both series, in post-apocalyptic world)
Confused Muse- Mistress of the Damned (NFA)
*Cupcakecute- Found (NFA)
Demonica Mills- Alone in Moonlight (very future fic post NFA, didn't like at all)
*Desire- My Own Private Idaho (Post ATS Destiny)
Eilowyn- Check, Please! (post-NFA, Spuffy/Cangel)
*+EnigmaticBlue- Wounded Hearts (post NFA, dimension travel for a Spike from a world post Gift)
*Evenstar- Believe in Forever (post Damage, Amnesia!Spike)
*FangQueen13- Memories (post Shells)
*FetchingMadScientist- Prayers for a Poet (post NFA)
+FoolforSpuffy- Ripple Effect (time travel to beginning)
Gabrielleabelle- Domesticity (post-NFA)
*+Ginar- Nobody's Hero (post NFA time travel back to the beginning for Spike, INCOMPLETE)
*Helga Von Nutwimple- As the Romans Do (Beginning of NFA, INCOMPLETE)
Holly- Fantasie Segrete (sometime during Angel s5)
*Icemink- Needy (ATS Damage)
JackOfSpikes- For Her (post episode, s5 of Angel actually)
JackOfSpikes- The Parade (post episode, s5 of Angel)
JackOfSpikes- The Winner Takes it All (post NFA)
Kargrif- Seduction: The Feel of Felt (ATS Smile Time)
*♥Kari Mouke- Acting on Instinct (post series early AS5, B/S/A/D): see folder
*♥Kari Mouke- Danger Come (post NFA episode, kinda Vamp!Buffy): see folder
*+Lilladybug- There's No Place Like Sunnydale (post NFA, CROSSOVER: Wizard of Oz kinda dream reality thing)
♥Lirazel-  Kaleidoscope (sometime Ats5)
Maryperk- A New Year's Eve to Remember (post NFA, slight Harry Potter CROSSOVER)
Maryperk- Faith, Watching (post NFA)
Maryperk- Fonder Distance (post NFA)
Maryperk- Friday the 13th (post series)
Maryperk- Going Forward (post NFA, almost Human!Spike)
+Maryperk- Home for Christmas (sometime post Destiny, Santa sends them to Into the Woods)
Maryperk- It's Just A Fantasy (post NFA)
Maryperk- Just the Foreplay (sometime in AU ATS5 Spuffy/Fred)
Maryperk- Memoirs of a Big Bad (Spike's and Doyle's memoirs)
Maryperk- Memoirs of A Courtesan (Darla's memoirs Angel s3)
Maryperk- Memoirs of A God King (Illyria's and Kate Lockley's memoirs)
Maryperk- Memoirs of A Key (Dawn's & Riley's memoirs)
Maryperk- Memoirs of a Rogue Demon Hunter (Wesley's & Gunn's memoirs)
Maryperk- Memoirs of A Watcher (Giles' & Faith's memoirs)
Maryperk- Memoirs of A Witch (Willow's memoirs WAY post series, goes AU post OMWF)
Maryperk- Memoirs of A Zeppo (Xander's memoirs 20 years post series)
*+Maryperk- One Man's Hell (portal dimension hop during NFA to CROSSOVER: Highlander, our Buffy has been there for 5000 years, since Gift INCOMPLETE)
*Maryperk- Restfield (20 years post NFA, Immortal!Buffy)
Maryperk- Scenes Without a Story 3, Post Chosen (several parts, starts while Spike is still ghosty)
*Megan- We All Fade Away (post NFA)
*Moluvsnumber17- Fate (6 years post NFA, babyfic: not Spikes. DNF)
*+Msclawdia- Reflections (post NFA, road not takens, multiple Spikes some Human!Spike)
*Night Owl- Marking Time (during NFA battle)
*Nebula- An Unexpected Darkness (sometime during ATS)
Niamh- The Unruly Heart (post series, ATS Damage)
*Oracleholly- A Slayer's Path (Post-Chosen during ATS S5 Damage)
OracleHolly- Poetry Slam (NFA)
*OracleHolly- Spike's Way (sequel to Poetry Slam, CROSSOVER: ATS/Highlander, INCOMPLETE)
*Pattyanne- Back Where We Belong (post ATS Destiny)
Pfeifferpack- Primal (post NFA)
*Rebcake- Whose Torment is This, Anyway? (ATS Destiny)
*Schehrezade- The Subtle Notes In-Between (minutes after NFA)
*Selfish Beauty- No Hero (5 years post Chosen, post a different NFA, INCOMPLETE)
*ShapingLight- The Worst Journey in the World (5 years post-NFA)
Slaymesoftly- Are Immortals Really Immortal? (ATS The Girl in Question)
Slaymesoftly- Busted (sometime after Spike becomes corporeal)
Slaymesoftly- Dream Lover (post NFA)
*♥Slaymesoftly- Home is Where They Have to Let You In (some unknown years post NFA)
♥Slaymesoftly- Who Needs Five Gold Rings? (sometime AtS s5)
*+Slinkypsychokit- Snapshots of Eternity (Ats Destiny episode estimate, AU in flashbacks, kinda Vamp!Buffy, dreams of future, weird as fuck! back to Normal Again)
♥Soul of the Rose- Of Sparklepires and Slayers (some post series)
*Spikesdeb- Marriage Made in Sunnyhell (post series and post an AU Girl in Question, Joyce never died)
*SpikesKat- Forever Series (post series Ats Lineage, Vamp!Buffy)
SpikesKat- Halloween Done Right (post both series)
*Spikeslovebite- Full Circle (post ATS Damage)
*Spikes Mrs- I'll Always Come Back to You (babyfic, AU post Conviction)
*Sprite- All I Needed to Say (starts 3 years post both series, Immortal!Buffy, babyfic)
Spuffyduds- Surprise! (sometime future fic, drabble)
Spuffyfan4eva- Down (post Damage)
*Starshine- The Ungettable Get (starts at ATS battle, Babyfic)
Sus- The Slayer's Reward (a year post NFA)
TammyAsh666- Wee Little Puppet Man! (ATS Smile Time)
Tasha- Destiny's Rewards (Destiny episode)
*Uncaged Muse- Guilty Soul (sometime post ATS Destiny, INCOMPLETE)
Wonder and Ashes- Enigmatic Soul (Feral!Spike)
Xaphania- Once More Into the Rift (post ATS Destiny CROSSOVER: Dr. Who)