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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pre-Series or Seriously AU

*+2Writers4Spike [Dawnofme and Mabel Marsters]- Anticipation (time travel from s6 Grave)
*♥Addie Logan- Blood and Fire (very AU, Buffy isn't the Slayer)
*♥Addie Logan- Gardens of Oblivion (AH, no Slayer, Vamp!Spike)
Always_jbj- A Dance with Death (pre-series, Spike and his first Slayer, no Buffy)
*Annastasia- Ambivalence (very AU, set in 1800 after Spike was turned, no Darla INCOMPLETE)
*♥Ariel Dawn- Living Vengeance (COMPLETELY AU, babyfic)
*Arina Summer- So They Dance (completely 100% AU, set in 1920 Vamp!Buffy)
*Ashlee- Buffy the Vampire (Slayer!Spike, Vamp!Buffy)
*Ashlee- Daughter of Prophecy (complete AU, Buffy is A/D's kid, DNF)
*Bloodshedbaby- Some Cold Lovin, Las Vegas Style (very AU pre-series, babyfic, INCOMPLETE)
Camille- The Difference Between Us- very AU (especially Spike)
*CandyNicks- Can I Keep You? (completely AU, set in Victorian England no S/D)
*Dauntlessgrace- Destiny of the Chosen (AU, WIP)
♥Dorians Kitten- Worth a Thousand Words (completely 100% AU, ends as Vamp!Buffy)
*Holly- In Omne Tempus
*♥Kari Mouke- Never Giving Up (AU, Vamp!Pike): see folder
*♥Kari Mouke- Tuesday's Child (AU, kinda Vamp!Buffy: S/B/A[us])
Kittyvamp208- Made for the Sun, Chosen for the Moon (pre-series 1880, Spike's turning, INCOMPLETE)
*Madrog- A Trunk Full of Trouble (not canon very AU, slayer and vampire though)
*Maryperk- Christmas Kisses (starts pre-Sunnydale 1996 through season 5 Angel 2003)
+Maryperk- Scenes Without a Story 8 Pre-Series (mid-1920s, portal hop and sounds like Secret Slayer)
♥+Maryperk- Time of Change (time travel from post series to pre-series)
*Maryperk- You Never Know... (completely AU, all our characters sorta but all related or married, set in 1880)
*+Nova- From the Start (from post series to pre-series via wish, INCOMPLETE)
*Oracleholly- You Think You Know What's To Come (pre-series)
*PassionFish- In Death, Release (completely AU, Vamp!Buffy INCOMPLETE)
*+♥Redwulf50-Karma (starts 53 years post both series, time travel back to 3 months prior to first episode, INCOMPLETE)
*♥Revello_1620- Broken Home (very AU, INCOMPLETE)
*♥Revello_1620- The Forgotten Slayer (Completely AU Faith lived essentially Buffy's life some OOC, eventual Vamp!Buffy INCOMPLETE)
*♥Revello_1620- The World in Between (completely AU)
*♥Shadow- Forever Alive (100% AU, Immortal!Buffy CROSSOVER: Highlander)
Smellslikecorruption- Everything Would Be What it Isn't (post apocalyptic AU)
*♥Spikeschilde- All My Family (completely AU, Vamp!Buffy INCOMPLETE)
SpikesKat- The Bloodshedverse Gets Its Revenge (AU s6ish crack!fic)
Spikeslovebite- Kiss the Sky (Woodstock)
*The Enemy of Reality-Shattered Silence (very AR)
*Uncaged Muse- The Ritual of Healing Hearts (AU, Buffy runs away the night she discovers she's the Slayer)
Vanilla- Prospect Avenue
Veyron- One Night in London (1888)
Wolfen Moondaughter- By Any Other Name (1880s, prequel to Spike and Cerberus)
Wolfen Moondaughter- Family Blood (1880s, prequel to Spike and Cerberus, sorta AU)
Zarrah- Marshmallow Monsters