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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x22 Grave

*+2Writers4Spike [Dawnofme and Mabel Marsters]- Anticipation (time travel to pre-series)
*Cindy- Repercussions (post episode)
*+Cousinjean- Perfect World (post episode, wish travel to AU, Spike never had chip)
Daughter of the Black- Too Bad, It's Day (post episode, drabble)
Emg- With a Little Help (post episode AU)
Hilary- Be Careful What You Wish For
*Holly- Sang et Ivoire (post episode, Spike doesn't go back after soul)
*Karbear57-Hawaii Forever (6 years post episode)
*Karbear57- Sunnydale Forever (sequel to Hawaii Forever)
Karbear57- Over the Atlantic (interlude in Forever series)
*Karbear57- London Forever (sequel to Sunnydale Forever)
Mrs Muir- Princess (AU future, Buffy's 30th birthday, Vamp!Buffy)
*Pfeifferpack- Verita Rivelata (post episode)
*+PSUbrat- Reset - Part One of the Reset Series (reset to right before Tara died)
*+Speakr2customrs- Pandora's Boxer (time travel to Harsh Light of Day)
*+Terri Botta- Here Is Gone (back to s5 episode Out of My Mind)
+♥Wonder and Ashes- Absolution ('vengeance wish' to alternate reality)