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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x16 Hell's Bells

*♥Caro aka Spikewriter- Life in Sunnydale: The Magic Box Stories (post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*+Kathypg- What Should Have Been, The Slayer's Journal (post episode of an AR of s1&2)
+Maryperk- Death by Gasoline, Zoolander Style (post episode, Kennedy is the time traveler, not important)
*♥Maryperk- Vengeance is Mine, Baby (post episode, babyfic)
*Miss Murchison- The Chiaroscuro Series (post episode, sorta Human!Spike/ Slayer!Spike- DNF)
*Sarah Aless- Show Me The Way To Go Home (wedding WAS a wedding)
Slaymesoftly- To Fix What's Not Broken (post episode)
Spikeluv84- My Sort Of Spuffy Valentine (post episode)- Joyce didn't die?
*Spike_spetslayer- Wedding Bell Blues (No As You Were)
Spikeschilde- Senses (directly post episode)
*SpikesDeb- Cozy Little Crypt for Two (post episode)
SpikesDeb- Kiss the Bridesmaid
Suzee- September 22nd
Terri Botta- Fire From Justice (little over a year post episode, everything AU)
Vampgirly- Just Say It