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Sunday, September 5, 2010

6x15 As You Were

*+Ashlee- Reflection of a Dream (Buffy from an alternate dimension that went AU in School Hard pops in to episode)
*♥Brynn McK- Balancing Act (sometime post episode)
*Devadata- Truth Keeper (post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*+Elizard100- Gone With the Slayer (Buffy dreams she's in Gone With the Wind)
*Evenstar- The Sons of Aurelius (post episode, INCOMPLETE)
Isabel- Movie Night (a year post episode)
Kantayra- Ashes (post episode)
Morbidmuch- Goodnight Sweet Girl (a month post episode)
*Opal- Spikesicles (after demon eggs)
*Poshcat- Just Another Saturday Night in Sunnydale (post episode)
Schehrezade- You Won't See Me (post episode)
Shadowlass- A Joan and Randy Valentine (sequel to A Very Joan and Randy Christmas- spell still in effect)
Shadowlass- Joan and Randy vs. the Replicant (sequel to AJARV- spell still in effect)
Slaymesoftly- Bad Eggs
*SlayrGrl- Actions Speak Louder Then Words
Spikeskat- Hope Eternal
Spikeluv84- Hunting (post episode)
Spikeslovebite- 'Til Undeath Do Us Part (post episode-Buffy and Spike are still together)
Whiteslayer- Pleasure Spiked With Pain