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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5x18 Intervention

*Abby- Whispers (immediately post episode)
*+Angelic_Amy- Hidden Agendas (post episode)
*Ariel Dawn- Xena Complex (post episode)
Diabola- Intervention Revamp
Ehann- Reflection (post episode)
*+Eowyn315- Evil Me (post episode, Vamp!Buffy from another dimension))
HW- Friendly Intervention (post episode)
*Jackie Abbott- Desire (sometime post episode)
JackOfSpikes- Nine and a Half Tacos (AU, BuffyBot is Slayer approved- Xander fic)
*Joyful Dayz- The Better to Bite You With
Lindsay- Double Meat Palace (Spikebot)
*Megan- The Beat of a Different Drum
Megan_tam_fics- Biting the Bot
*+Mrs Muir- Castle Of Love (post episode, dimension travel)
*Pandora North Star- A Day in a Knight (King Arthur Crossover)
PassionFish- Drunk! (post episode, estimate)
*PassionFish- Not-So-Pleasant Buffy
*PennyDrdful- Centering (post episode)
*TammyDevil666- Hurts So Good (Post episode)- True Blood Crossover
TammyDevil666- Once Upon a Dream (Post episode)
*Tiger Sunrise- Ohana: No One Gets Left Behind