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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5x16 The Body

*Belial- In the Light of Day (a week post episode)
*BTVS Fanaddict- The Choice (post episode)
Lisa Drexel- A Kaleidoscope Quest (post episode)
Meredith- Sweet Dreams (sometime post episode)
Opal- (Dreaming of) Spiked Christmas (post episode, off canon- Christmas fic)
*Schehrezade and RSK- Cold Day in Hell (way post episode, off-canon- Christmas)
*Schehrezade and RSK- Valentine Olympics (sequel to Cold Day in Hell)
*UncagedMuse- Life in Death
*Various Authors [Cousinjean, Abby20, Alkibiadhs, Dynagirl, Peggin]- Lessons Series (immediately post episode)
♥Wonder and Ashes- Cry (Spike is with her when she finds Joyce)
*♥Zoegrace- Who Are You? (post episode off-canon, No Glory or Crush episode & Finn is still around)