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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5x14 Crush

*Diabola- Eye of the Beholder (INCOMPLETE)
*Gillian Silverlight- Can You See? (unofficial sequel to Avalon's Love is Blind, eventual babyfic)
GoldenAmethyst- The Power of Love (post episode, AU)
Kargrif- It Happened One Summer's Eve (post episode)
Kargrif- Deconstructing Edith (sequel to It Happened One Summer's Eve)
*Libraflyter- FairyTale (post-Crush slight Sleeping Beauty crossover)
Lisa Drexel- Wrong Turns (post episode)
Maryperk- Pulling Taffy (episode estimate, events in Crush do not occur)
*Megan- Deep Purple
*Megan- Fly Me To The Moon 
Megan- Totally Crushed 
*Miranda- Soulmates
*MsClawdia- The Dating Game
PassionFish- Bringing Him Back (sometime post episode)
*Pfeifferpack- Norse By Norsewest (post episode)
PrettyPoppy- Kitten Thrall
*Python Chick- A Challenge Chapter (a few hours post episode)
Ragna- A Change of Heart
RipeWickedPlum- An Angel in Disguise (post episode- timeline change to Christmas)
*RipeWickedPlum- Defective #9
SmellsLikeCorruption- Like Chihuahuas (sometime post episode, CROSSOVER:Veronica Mars)
Storm- Peaches
*Suzee- Interpretations (post episode)
TammyDevil666- Change of Heart
TammyDevil666- Just One Kiss
TammyDevil666- No Going Back
TammyDevil666- Start of Something New
TammyDevil666- Turning Tables (kinda OC)
Uncaged Muse- Crumbling Walls
+Vampirische Liebe- Twice the Fun (s2 Spike & s5 Spike, Riley hasn't left yet)
Vamptastica- Tainted Love
*VicNoir- The Yellow Rose of Sunnydale
XoChantelly- Discarded Love
*Ya_lublyu_tebya- The Struggle for Good
*Yumimum- Crushed
*Zyrya- Crash (Buffy POV)