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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5x10 Into the Woods

A.Lite- I Am (post episode estimate)
*Alwaysjbj & Mefiant- Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers
Ashlee- Acting on Impulse (post episode)
*Bee03- We Wish You a Merry Christmas (no Dawn, no Glory, post episode)
*Behind Blue Eyes- Show Me
*BuffyMeetsSpike- Seven Deadly Sins (sometime post episode, some Spike/OC & Spike/Harm)
*+♥Dreamweaver- Running Wild (sometime post episode, dimension travel)
Echo- Artistry (post episode, Vamp!Riley)
Jeni- Countdown Apocalypse? (four years post episode AU, INCOMPLETE)
Love's Bitch- Live for Real (post episode)
Love's Bitch- Never is a Promise (post episode)
+Maryperk- Home for Christmas (time travel from post series to right when Riley leaves)
Monimala- Ain't Love Grand?
Gillian Silverlight- Shoulder Series
*♥JackOfSpikes- Second String Scoobies
Karyn- Extraordinary (immediately post episode)
Mala- Ain't Love Grand (post episode)
Maryperk- The Emporium Delivers (very AU but accurate episode)
Pattyanne- Sudden Urges
*Poshcat- Dirty Little Secret (post episode estimate)
Puddinhead- This Beats the Hell Out of Angel's Christmas Snow (sometime post episode estimate?)
+Richess SpikeLover- Buffy's Wish (post episode, with vengeance wish travel to The Harsh Light of Day & back)
Schehrezade- Into the Woods
Shadowlass- Our Little Secret
*Shikari- The Magic That is Life (sometime post episode)
Shoshanna- Honeymoon in Vegas (post episode)
Shoshanna- Love and Hate (post episode, drabble)
Shoshanna- Fear and Longing (sequel to Love and Hate, Valentine fic)
Shoshanna- Truth and Consequence (sequel to Fear and Longing)
Spikeslovebite- Drink Me (post episode)
Spikeslovebite & Megan- Through the Looking Glass (sequel to Drink Me)
Spike_Spetslayer- Days of Auld Lang Syne (post episode- New Years Eve fic)
*Swirly Head- Written in Charcoal (post episode)
*Taramisu- Closure (post episode and post Ats Reunion too)
*Taramisu- Love - The Original Four Letter Word (post episode)
WeyrWolfen- Tiny Hands (Post episode- Christmas Eve fic)
Wicked Insanity- A Lesson Why (post episode)
*WilliamsLadyLove- A Will Unbroken
*Winter- Weathered
Winter- Murphy's Law (Interlude after Weathered)
*Winter- Crawling in the Dark (Part 2 of Weathered series)
*Winter- Again (Interlude after Crawling in the Dark)
Xaphania- Lucky Coin (Post Into the Woods- Christmas fic)
Zekkers- Sister Secrets