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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5x07 Fool for Love

*Abby- Could Be You
Amy-The Little Words
Arwen- Squirrels (immediately post episode)
AuthoressNebula- A Single Tear
*Avalon- Love is Blind (sometime post episode)
*Bloodshedbaby- Blood Warms the Heart
+Bruttimabuioni- The One With Time Travel (drabble, sometime post episode, time travel to 1665)
Sam52- Dream Come True
*♥JackofSpikes- A Penny for Your...
JoBelle- Comfort (drabble)
Kantayra- Cold Comfort
*Lilachigh- Business as Usual (post episode)
*Maryperk- Life's Ever Changing Turns
*Pfeifferpack- Seven Stages to Clarity
Rambler18- Human Behavior
Shoshanna- For Her Love
Spikes_slayer08- Feeling It
*Spike_Spetslayer- Enthralled
Spikeskat- Tell Me Another One
*Tami Brandt- Fighting for Love (episode estimate, very AU)
*♥Tasha- Not Beneath Me
Tista- Halloween Treats (sometime post episode, Halloween)
*Wolffan200- I'm With You
X_Ray_Spex- Between the Lines
X_Ray_Spex- Civility (sequel to Between the Lines)