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Sunday, September 5, 2010

5x04 Out of My Mind

*AJ Hofacre- Out of My Head
*♥Akaelalee- Spiral of Chaos (CROSSOVER: Final Fantasy X, OOC post episode estimate)
*♥Akaelalee- Revolution of Tranquility (CROSSOVER: Final Fantasy X, sequel to Spiral of Chaos, INCOMPLETE)
A.Lite- Can You Tell Me How to Get (Sesame Street crossover, post episode estimate)
*BloodEnvy- Drowning in You (INCOMPLETE)
CG again- The Dawn Before
Gabrielleabelle- Costumes (sometime post episode, Halloween)
Holly- Once Upon Dream
JackOfSpikes- Beauty and the Beast - Spuffy Style (sometime post episode)
♥JackOfSpikes- The Truth Is Out There
Kantayra- Zero (post episode estimate)
Maryperk- The Toy Store Haunt (post episode, Halloween AU. Riley breakup already)
PassionFish- After Patrol (episode estimate)
PennyDrdful- What He Wanted (chip is removed by someone else)
RipeWickedPlum- Puck (episode estimate, no Riley)
Sanguinary- Flipside Out of My Mind (drabble)
Slaymesoftly- Slayer's Night Off (sometime post episode estimate AU, Halloween)
Spikeslovebite- Accept No Substitutes (post episode)
Spikes_heart- Tunnel Vision (TV Beauty and the Beast crossover)- Unknown episode
*+Terri Botta- Here Is Gone (from s6 episode Grave- Spike has a soul)
*+♥UncagedMuse- What They Deserve (time travel from post NFA episode via vengeance wish)
*♥Winsomeone- The Grundy Affair (post episode estimate, no Riley?)
*♥Winsomeone- Empress of the High Seas (sequel to The Grundy Affair, 3 weeks later)
*Winsomeone- Keystone (sequel to Empress of the High Seas)