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Sunday, September 5, 2010

4x10 Hush

*Addie Logan- Baby It's Cold Outside (post episode)
Ashlee- Tricks of The Mind (post episode)
*Demonprincess7- Lover's Feud (post episode)
Harmonie- Relieving Boredom (sometime post episode)
Jerzeyanjel- Hush
+Maryperk- Time Waltz (post episode, time travel to pre-series, 1879)
*♥Maryperk- Willamina (post episode AU- Spike stayed in LA after Lovers Walk)
*♥Megan- Nanny Spike and Aunt Buffy (no Gentlemen, Babyfic)
PassionFish- Don't Speak
*Rikki_oko- Smoke and Mirrors (post episode)
Sabershadowkat- Dinner Interrupted series (before Hush)
Sangga- Howzat? (pre-episode snippet)
*Slaymesoftly- Still Bluer (sequel to Something Bluer)
Spike_Spetslayer- All I Want for Christmas is You (post episode- Christmas fic)
Spikeskat- Her Fault
SpikesKat- The Power of Words (sequel to Tell-tale Heart, post episode)
SpikesKat- Premature Goodbye (sequel to The Power of Words)
*Tygerwulfe-  Test Subject (AU post episode, OOC)