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Sunday, September 5, 2010

4x03 The Harsh Light Day

*_3xy_- L is for...
*Alia- Nimbus (see folder)
♥AmandaK- Such a Pretty Color (Vamp!Buffy)
♥Ashlee- Ruthless Night
*Azrielle- I Fall to Pieces (OOC, episode estimate)
Behind Blue Eyes- Into the Light
BittenandStaked- Harsh Light of Day
*Chelle- Bitch's Brew (post episode, WARNING: Spike/other temp)
*♥DawnofMe- In Harm's Way (eventual Baby!Fic)
*+♥Dreamweaver- A Different Light (dimension travel during the fight)
Drex- Harsh Realities (drabble)
Elizabeth- Achilles Heel (18,291 words)
*+EnigmaticBlue- Fix You (time travel from Showtime)
Eowun_315- The Worst Day Since Yesterday (post episode)
Hils- Fluffy Harsh Light of Day
*+Holly- Shades of Heaven (set in episode w/ characters from Post-Chosen)
HW- The Dream (some Human!Spike sortof)
*♥JackOfSpikes- Chosen After Death (primal Slayerness, so sorta Vamp!Buffy)
*♥jhiz- Truth and Consequences
Joyce Renee- The Light of My Life
*Kally77- Falling (post episode, goes AU during Angel episode In the Dark)
*♥Kari Mouke- Normal (a mystical Dawn babyfic)
*Lady Anne- Gloomy Little Tomb With No View
Laure Alexander- Broad Daylight
*Lisa Drexel- Harsh Truths
*Lisa Drexel- The Gods Must Be Crazy (Xena/Hercules Crossover)
*Maryperk- Buffy and Then Shorts (first chapter is post episode, others unrelated & throughout the entire series)
♥Maryperk- Her Protectors (Vamp!Buffy)
*♥Maryperk- Never Be the Same Again (story in The Immortal Guardian series)
*+♥Megan- Careless Memories (precognitive dream)
♥Megan- Revenge Tastes Like Sugar (post episode)
*+Megan- Taste of Juliet (a week post episode, Initiative chipping and Tara has happened and kinda time travel from Chosen)
*♥Oracleholly- Fun With Dick and Kate (episode estimate, INCOMPLETE)
*♥PassionFish- In the Harsh Light of Day (Vamp!Buffy)
*Pattyanne- No Turning Back
*Pattyanne- Worth a Second Go
Pfeifferpack- One Good Turn (Spike researches for the Gem and of course aftermath)
Poetlover- Everything is Clearer in the Light of Day
*♥Rain- Ties That Bind (episode goes AU and OOC, claim and no Gem)
+Richess SpikeLover- Buffy's Wish (vengeance wish travel from post Into the Woods & back)
*Scarlet Ibis- Come With Me (detour to Beer Bad, Baby!Fic)
*Slayer Chica- Harsh Light of Day, My Way
*♥Slaymesoftly- A Very Strange Vampire
*+Speakr2customrs- Pandora's Boxer (time travel from s6's Grave- No soul for Spike)
SpikesKat- Even Harsher Nights (post episode, Vamp!Buffy)
*TalesoftheSlayer aka BittenandStaked- Love in Vein: Book 1 + The Heart (just before episode)
TammyAsh666- Out of the Dark
*TammyAsh666- Third Time's the Charm (very AU babyfic Parker got Buffy pregnant with Dawn, OOC Spike)
Taramisu- The Progesterone Effect
Vampirische Liebe- Dancing
Vampirische Liebe- Thrill of the Hunt
*Vamptastica- 80's Night (Very Alternate Reality, no Ring of Amara & Dawn is in it)