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Sunday, September 5, 2010

3x22 Graduation Day, Part II

A.Lite- Missing You (post episode)
*A. Price- Endings and Beginnings (AU, sometime post episode)
*Abby- Catch a Falling Star
*Askita- The New Threat (completely AU s3 technically post episode, some B/A Vamp!Buffy, INCOMPLETE)
Coalitiongirl- Do Us Part (some B/A, sorta A/S at times, B/S)
*+♥Eurydice- Legions of True Hearts (post episode summer, Buffy/William they meet in a "dream")
*Eurydice- A Symphony of Echoes (post episode, sequel to Legions of True Hearts, babyfic)
*♥Kari Mouke- Alone in Death (Vamp!Buffy, prologue here but starts in season 4)
*+♥Kari Mouke- I Will Follow (set post episode during summer but is dimension travel to Wishverse world)
*Kereia- Breaking Free (AU, 2 years post episode)
Lisa Drexel- Life's Little Lessons (post episode)
Maryperk- Qualms Be Damned (post episode, S/B/H)
*♥Megan_tam_fics- Down the Road I Go
*Mrs Muir- Three Hearts Entwined (post episode AU, B/A/S)
*♥Revello_1620- Out of the Ashes (immediately post episode)
Reetinkerbell- Figured It Out (AU post episode 5 years)
*RipeWickedPlum- Castaway (post episode INCOMPLETE, Faith isn't bad) [Baby!fic]
Sandra S.- For Your Viewing Pleasure (post episode, somewhat OOC video of events during episode)
*♥Slaymesoftly- A Mother's Plea (Vamp!Buffy)
*♥Slaymesoftly- Born to be My Baby (Vamp!Buffy, sequel to A Mother's Plea)
*Spikesdeb- Summer Nights (post episode- summer)
*♥The Enemy of Reality- Running from the Inevitable (a week post episode)