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Sunday, September 5, 2010

3x12 Helpless

*AGriffinWriter- Take It All Away (starts pre-Lovers Walk sorta)
Debris4spike- Helping the Helpless
Hils- Fluffy Helpless
*♥Holly- Cupidity, Yellow Brick Road Series Book I
*♥Maryperk- The House of the Rising Sun (goes AU post episode)
Sabershadowkitten- Helpful
Sandy- The Unexpected Hero
*Slaymesoftly- Love Continued (AU, sequel to Love Awakened)
*♥Slaymesoftly- Love Sanctioned (AU Revelations post episode, sequel to Love Continued)
TammyAsh666- Knight in Shining Leather
*Velvet Cat- Dreaming of You (AU sequel around this episode)
*VelvetCat- I Must Be Dreaming (third story in trilogy, AU past this episode)