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Sunday, September 5, 2010

3x08 Lovers Walk

*♥_3xy_- Accidentally Yours
*♥Ameeya- Beloved in Blood
*Annastasia- Change Series (babyfic some B/A, INCOMPLETE)
Ashlee- Reasons
*+Athenewolfe- Guardians of the Scythe (time travel from post series)
*Behind Blue Eyes- A Link is Forged (INCOMPLETE)
BEN- New Love (episode rewrite)
*Bloodshedbaby- Lovers Walk Don't Run
*Bloodshedbaby- Stranded
*Borednow0809- Turned (post episode, Vamp!Buffy)
Coalitiongirl- To Say Goodbye
*Dampersandspoons- Delust or Dust
*+♥Dreamweaver- Payback (time travel courtesy of demon from immediately post episode to s6 Wrecked and back to Harsh Light of Day)
Facingthesun- Dumped (episode rewrite)
*FacingtheSun- Pursuits of Happiness (episode happens a whole lot differently, Buffy goes to Brazil)
*Ginar369- Letters to a Friend
Hils- Fluffy Lover's Walk
*♥JackOfSpikes- Trust
Kantayra- Love, War, and Marshmallows (OOC
*♥Kari Mouke- Opportunity: see folder
*♥Kari Mouke- Peace and Love (Spike never came back post episode, 10 years later Immortal!Buffy)
*Kyra Storm- Legacy (post episode)
*Laure Alexander- Divine Madness (sometime post episode estimate, no Faith AU)
♥Maryperk- Personal Ad Love (post episode, Spike didn't kidnap Xander and Willow but did make the speech)
+♥Maryperk- Scenes without a Story 1. Futuristic AU (45 years post episode, Willow got our somehow Vamp!Buffy when she did the spell)
Maryperk- Scenes Without a Story 13 (Vamp!Buffy and Vamp!Scoobies girls W/C/S/B, episode estimate)
*Maryperk- Steps To A Slayer's Heart (a few months post episode- Valentine's Day)
Megan- Lover's Run
*Megan- The End of Sorrow
*Minx DeLovely- He May Be Your Dog But He's Wearing My Collar (sometime post episode, AU eventual Human!Spike)
*Nautibitz- Captivated
PassionFish- The Lift (estimate, AU in Egypt for some reason actually)
*Pfeifferpack- Before I Take That Walk (directly post episode)
*Sabershadowkat- Tempting Fate Series (sometime post episode estimate)
Sabershadowkat- Unconscious Calling (post episode estimate, unknown timeline)
*Sabershadowkitten- When Slayers Fall (AU 3 years post episode)
Saffron- You Make Me Real (four years post episode?)
*Sandra S.- Candles for Lucifer (sometime post episode AU, Vamp!Buffy)
Schehrezade- Just One Look
Sha- Why Did I Come Back? (drabble)
Spike_Spetslayer- Always On My Mind [sequel to TSML or GOTP?]
Spike_Spetslayer- Hope and Goodbyes
Spike_Spetslayer- Taste of Slayer on My Lips (post episode)
*Unbridled Brunette- Falling (INCOMPLETE)
Uncaged Muse- I Will Be With Her Tonight
Zennjenn- Love Spell (immediately post episode)