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Sunday, September 5, 2010

3x01 Anne

AuthoressNebula- Fluffy Anne
*♥Bloodshedbaby- Catching the Night (INCOMPLETE)
*Greyangel- One Good Valentine's Day (AU, Spike never went to Sunnydale)
Gwyneth Rhys- The Perfume of Kismet (alternate Anne)
*♥Hang Nga- Impetuous (INCOMPLETE)
*Jypzrose- Arizona
*♥Kari Mouke- The Fallout (Vamp!Buffy, some S/B/D/A)
*Kelly the Vampire Witch- Waiting on Life
*Kindred- No Vacancy
*Kindred- Open All Night (sequel to No Vacancy)
*♥Mykia- The Light on the Dark Side of Me (INCOMPLETE)
*Pukajen- Random Dances (episode estimate, INCOMPLETE)
*Sabershadowkat/kitten: An Unexpected Twist of Fate
Sabershadowkat/kitten: A Child Conceived (sequel to An Unexpected Twist of Fate)
Sabershadowkat/kitten: A Pregnant Brassed Off Slayer (Interlude to A Child Conceived)
*Sabershadowkat/kitten: What Child is This? (Final Unexpected Story)
Sabershadowkat- Wondering What You’re Dreaming (post episode)
Scifi_gk- A Day at the Beach
Scifi_gk- A Night at the Beach (sequel to A Day at the Beach)
*Wicked Angel- The Darkness (directly post episode, Vamp!Buffy, INCOMPLETE)