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Sunday, September 5, 2010

2x22 Becoming, Part II

*+Aisling- Two of a Kind (Spike from an alternate reality comes through Acathla, Vamp!Buffy, INCOMPLETE)
*Angelic_Amy- Deliverance (post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*Artemis Lecter- What Becomes of Me
*Belladonnanroses- Paradise Lost (post episode)
*Blood Faerie- Blood of My Blood (INCOMPLETE)
*♥Bloodshedbaby- Claiming the Heart
*♥Bloodshedbaby- Dreams and Desotos
*Coalitiongirl- Prodigal (post episode prologue, starts in AU The Gift, Spike/Faith)
*♥Constance Strell- Playing With Fire (post episode AU): see folder
*Eowyn315- Being Somebody Else (post episode)
*Enigmaticblue- Avocation (AU- gypsies gave Spike a soul first on accident)
*Enigmaticblue- Unsuffer Me (sometime post episode)
*FangQueen13- Becoming Me (Spike/Buffy bodyswitch, INCOMPLETE)
*Gillybean- The Itch- AU (Spike never came back after s2 and Buffy is now 25)
*Herself- Let's Get Lost (post episode, all vampires in vicinity got a soul)
*Immram- Half Way to Anywhere (AU, prologue and ending is undetermined, set s6 sometime)
*♥Jeni- Becoming Something More (sorta Vamp!Buffy, INCOMPLETE)
*Jerzeyanjel- Blvd of Broken Dreams (post episode, souled Spike INCOMPLETE)
Lady Wenham- Fisticuffs
Laure Alexander- Dark Need (present set in Beauty and the Beasts: flashback)
*Laure Alexander- Mortal Enemies (post episode)
*Lovesbitca37- Hellbent (starts in Hush, sorta Vamp!Buffy, INCOMPLETE)
*Margot-..On the Highway Of... (AU, post episode: DNF- B/X, B/A)
*Maryperk- Buffy's New Boyfriend
Maryperk- Changing of the Guard
+Maryperk- Scenes Without a Story 9, Season 3 in a different dimension (sometime post episode)
Megan- Becoming II
*+Mia Vaan- Becoming (currently a WIP, time travel from post The Gift)
*♥Midnightjen- The Curse of Immortal Love (post episode, sorta babyfic and Buffy is pregnant)
*Northern.Poet- What You Are (Angel dies and Dru gets the soul)
Penny_Lane_42- Scarlet and Midnight (AU, apocalypse)
*+Peyton- Becoming Spike (Acathla sends to hell of own devising, regular Buffy show. INCOMPLETE)
*Redwulf50- Hard Days Knights (very AU sometime post episode, babyfic CROSSOVER: Charmed, INCOMPLETE)
Reetinkerbell- One Last Sunrise (2 years post episode, Vamp!Buffy)
*+♥Sabershadowkitten- Fairy Tales (dimension travel, OOC sometime post episode)
*Sarah Kennedy- Sacrifice (post episode)
*♥SarkSilver- Running Away (INCOMPLETE)
*+SinisterChic-Time Spinners (body switching/temporal fold travel from post Older and Far Away to here)
*Spikeschilde- Adamo (INCOMPLETE)
*♥Spikeslovebite- Becoming Undone (INCOMPLETE)
*Spikes KittyKat- Lost Then Found (post episode, OOC)
*♥Sweetprincipale- Living Conditions (No Anne episode, post episode)
*+♥Valerie- Love's Bitch (Spike is still in wheelchair and whole thing goes AU, then time travel back to truce part of episode)
*Ya_lublyu_tebya- Victims of Fate (Spike also gets a soul)
*Zelda of Arel- Substitutes (post episode, Vamp!Buffy)