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Sunday, September 5, 2010

2x19 I Only Have Eyes for You

*AJ Hofacre- Full of Grace (INCOMPLETE)
*♥Ameeya- Strawberry Fields (INCOMPLETE)
Apckrfan- Built on Deception (immediately post episode)
♥Beautiflxoblvn aka Eternal Love- Dreams (immediately post episode)
*Carla Laurelle- Allies or Love? (immediately post episode)
Debris4spike- Corrected Vision
Hellsbells101- Lovers Pain and Revenge (Vamp!Buffy)
Hils- Fluffy I Only Have Eyes For You
Jerzeyanjel- I Only Have Eyes for You
Jerzeyanjel- Angelus Pain (sequel to I Only Have Eyes for You)
*Sexymermaid- Beginnings (very AU)
Sexymermaid- Broken Glass (sometime post episode estimate)
Spike_Spetslayer- Ghosts of the Past
SpikesKat- In My Eyes (Vamp!Buffy)
*♥Tasha- Revenge for Love (Vamp!Buffy)
*♥Tasha- Living for Love (sequel to Revenge for Love, set a week later Vamp!Buffy. INCOMPLETE)
Uncaged Muse- Darkness (episode estimate though Dalton is still 'alive', Vamp!Buffy)