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Sunday, September 5, 2010

2x14 Innocence

Ahn- Conversation in the Ladies Room (sometime post episode)
Ahn- Druken Antics (sequel to Conversation in the Ladies Room)
Ahn- Druken Antics 2 (sequel to Druken Antics)
Ahn- Saturday Night (sequel to Druken Antics 2)
Ahn- Chocolate Lust (sequel to Saturday Night)
Ahn- Back to the Ladies Room (sequel to Chocolate Lust)
Ahn- Decisions (post episode)
Ashlee- Business or Pleasure (post episode estimate)
Dare- You Want Heaven (a year post episode, AU)
Dare- World's Apart (sequel to You Want Heaven)
Dare- Torture (sequel to World's Apart, AU past)
*♥Enigma_K- I Lose Myself
*Greyangel- Wheels on Fire (post episode estimate, DNF): see folder
♥Gryfindor Goddess-Mixed Feelings (completely AU but it is this episode)
Hils- Fluffy Innocence (no wheelchair)
JackOfSpikes- Cinderfella Meets Goldilocks (sometime post episode)
*Jaymi- Senses of Insecurity
*Jypzrose- Ashes of Dreams (Vamp!Buffy)
*♥Kari Mouke & Starshine- Deviant Paths (post episode estimate, Vamp!Buffy, Vamp!Scoobies, B/S/A/D, W/A, X/D, INCOMPLETE): see folder
*♥Kari Mouke- Meow (post episode, babyfic, sorta Vamp!Buffy): see folder
*Laura Siri- Days of Grace (post episode, AU Spike pre-series)
*PassionFish- Searching for Heaven (sometime post episode, eventual babyfic)
*Pfeifferpack- From These Seeds
♥+Puppet- It's a Dangerous Thing (time travel from future but no real interaction)
*Rikki_oko- Downward Spiral (post episode, INCOMPLETE)
*+Salieri- Convergence (post NFA time travel for Spuffy separately to post episode)
Sandra- For the Dark (post episode, Vamp!Buffy)
Slinkypsychokit- The Night the Slayer Bagged His Third (sometime post episode AU)
*Spikes KittyKat- Claimed: The Price of a Mark
Starrysapphire- Who's the Maturest of Them All? (sometime post episode)
*Vanilla- Kisses and Cupcakes (Directly post episode)