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Sunday, September 5, 2010

2x07 Lie to Me

Ahn- Piper (post episode estimate, some B/A)
+Ashlee- Now and Then (time travel Buffy & Spike from 200 years in the future)
*♥Bloodshedbaby- Lonely in Your Nightmare (before this episode, babyfic)
*+Cousinjean- The Butterfly Effect (from 5 months post Chosen to post episode)
Hils- Fluffy Lie to Me
*JnHarrow- A New Bird
Maryperk- LoveWater (post episode)
*Maryperk- LoveWater Consequences (sequel to LoveWater)
Maryperk- Scenes Without a Story 7 AU post Season 4 or 5 (EXTREMELY AU ficlet sometime post episode estimate)
*Megan- What Place is This? (WIP)
*Nataliav- Meant To Be (goes AU early)
*Slayergirl- Falling from Grace (episode estimate)
*SpikesKat- Save Me