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Sunday, September 5, 2010

2x03 School Hard

*Alantie- School Hard Revised
*♥Alwaysjbj- Axis of Love
Always_jbj-  This Quintessence of Dust (drabble)
Ankhet- Stupid Thing (drabble)
Apckrfan- Bronzing It 
*+Azrielle- I Remember You (wonky spell travel from post Chosen, INCOMPLETE)
*Azrielle- Nothing Better Than the Blood of a Slayer (Master didn't bite Buffy, INCOMPLETE)
*CG again- Real Me (Dawn's the Slayer but S/B will prevail!)-AU
CrimsonAngel- Is She Right For Him? (AU- no Dru & souled up Spike)
*+♥Dreamweaver- Her Way (time travel from post Chosen)
*+♥Dreamweaver- Changes (sequel to the time travel fic Her Way)
*+♥Dreamweaver- His Way (time travel from post Not Fade Away)
*Dusty273- Into the Night (INCOMPLETE)
Fauvistfly- School Hard, Spike Harder
*Gilly Bean- When He Was Bad (sometime post episode, INCOMPLETE)
Green-Eyed-Goddess- Nightmares (2 weeks post episode)
Hils- Fluffy School Hard (no Angel in fic, still around storywise)
*Holly- Dreamscape (post episode)
JackOfSpikes- Catch a Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket (timeline slightly AU)
*+♥JackOfSpikes- Paradox (Spike & Buffy time travel from post Tabula Rasa)
Jerzeyanjel- School Hard
*Kantayra- The Crimson Codex (Vamp!Buffy, S/D/B)
*♥Kari Mouke- Be Mine (AU- Valentine's Day Baby!fic, post episode estimate): see folder
*Lu82- Simply Absurd (AU, no Angel and Buffy's preppy)
*Maryperk- Save My Soul (Slayer!Spike & Vamp!Buffy, episode estimate in an AU)
Maryperk- Scenes Without a Story 6 (drabble)
+Maryperk- Scenes Without a Story 12, Post Chosen Buffy in Season 2 (time travel somehow to episode, Human!Spike but he's our Spike)
+♥Maryperk- She's the One (Vamp!Buffy, slight time travel b/c of Dawn's wish)
*+♥Megan- And Here We Go Round Again (Spike time travel from Entropy)
*PassionFish- The Senses (INCOMPLETE)
*Pattyanne- Caught Between Two Lovers (AU, never any Angel, OOC, INCOMPLETE)
Pattyanne- Any Last Requests (Angel never existed)- AU
*Saltygoodness- Foolish Games (slight B/A at first)
*+Skyz- Redefined (post episode, AU)
*Skyz- Some Kind of Wonderful (sequel to Redefined, AU)
Slaymesoftly- Do We Really Need Weapons for This? (drabble)
*+♥Slaymesoftly- Hearts Breaking Even (Vamp!Xander, Buffy time travel via portal to 1864, meet kid William and back)
Slaymesoftly- Her Last Request (AU & OOC no Angel, post episode estimate)
*+♥Slaymesoftly- Prologue to Life/I Know You (time travel from post series to episode)
smells_corrupt- With a Burning Violin (glimpses through series starts during episode ends post seasons)
*SpikesDeb- Keep the Night
SpikesKat- My Darkness
Spikeslovebite- Lessons Learned (sequel to Twisted Harvest)
*♥Tasha- Duty or Destiny? (INCOMPLETE, eventual Baby!fic)
Tiana- The Dance (drabble)
*+TrueLoveFan- Inner Wishes (time travel from sometime in an AU 2000 for Cordy, Angel, Buffy, & Spike)
*Ultrawoman- Beautiful Stranger
Uncaged Muse- Sex in Your Violence
Vampirische Liebe- The Female of the Species (Vamp!Buffy & Slayer!Spike)
*Vampirische Liebe- The Fountain